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What is the Office for Public Integrity?

Discover what the OPI does and how it is related to the ICAC.

The Office for Public Integrity (OPI) was established by the ICAC Act and is responsible to the Commissioner for the performance of its functions.

Although the ICAC Act separates the OPI from the ICAC in terms of its functions and powers, in practice, the two offices operate as one. The OPI and the ICAC have the same leadership team, the same website, and they meet annual reporting requirements as one organisation.

The OPI plays two very important roles. It provides the point of contact for anyone wanting to make a complaint or report under the ICAC Act, and it is responsible for overseeing the way South Australia Police (SAPOL) manages complaints about its workforce.

The OPI will be the primary contact for most people who have made a complaint or report about public integrity.

Complaints about police are managed differently. As the office responsible for police integrity oversight, the OPI actively monitors the way that SAPOL manage complaints and investigations about the conduct of its officers. In this oversight role the OPI can direct SAPOL to deal with a matter in a particular way.

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