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Case study worksheets

What went wrong and how did it happen?

Our case study worksheets provide fictitious scenarios to help public officers understand how things go wrong, where they go wrong and why they go wrong. Public officers are invited to use these worksheets in their training.

Datesort ascending Title Description
25 Jul 2018 Right person, right job The Department for Special State Projects is recruiting for a new Media Manager. How will Alison, the Executive Director, manage the process?
25 Jul 2018 From little things, big things grow An authorised employee uses a purchase card to buy some milk and bread for home, with the intention to reimburse the money. What could happen next?
25 Jul 2018 Meaningful documents Jane is the manager of the Proactive Health Program, and is authorised to approve purchases and payments of business related items. What could go wrong?
25 Jul 2018 Procurement shortcuts Alex is authorised to approve invoices up to the value of $10,000. He deals with a high volume of invoices and doesn't have time to read them all. What could he miss?