The operations of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Office for Public Integrity (OPI) are accountable.

Accountability measures include the yearly publication of an Annual Report that details information and statistics in relation to complaints, reports, investigations, referrals, evaluations and education activities (as outlined in section 45 of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 (ICAC Act)).

The Commissioner’s office is also subject to an annual review of the exercise of powers. The person conducting the review must consider whether the powers under the ICAC Act were exercised in an appropriate manner and, in particular, whether undue prejudice to the reputation of any person was caused. The reviewer will also consider whether the practices and procedures of the Commissioner and the Office were effective and efficient, and whether the operations made an appreciable difference to the prevention or minimisation of corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration.

In addition, the Commissioner’s office is subject to the oversight of the Parliamentary Crime and Public Integrity Policy Committee. The Commissioner is required to promptly provide a copy of any public report, including the annual report, to the committee. The Commissioner gives evidence before this committee each year. The Commissioner must also keep the Attorney-General informed of the general conduct of the functions of the Commissioner and the OPI.

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