Brochures and posters

As part of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption's education function, ICAC will produce communications material to educate and inform people as to the Commissioner’s role and function.

These materials will be made available for free download and as hard copy. You can order hard copies of brochures and posters by emailing

Reporting Obligations

The Directions and Guidelines create mandatory reporting obligations for public officers and public authorities. These resources outline the conduct that must be reported, and how a report can be made.


Reporting obligations brochure front page

Complaints and Reports Process

Complaints and reports about corruption, and serious or systemic misconduct and maladministration, should be made to the Office for Public Integrity (OPI). This brochure provides an overview of the complaints and reports process.

Complaints and reports process brochure front page

Know Something? Say Something.

Public institutions should be reliable, fair and trustworthy. If they are not, they need to be held accountable.

know something say something brochure

Contractors brochure

Contractors performing work for government may be public officers. Contractors should be aware of their reporting obligations and that they themselves may be reported and investigated by the ICAC.

Contractors brochure front page

Police Complaints brochure

A new scheme for the making and management of police complaints commenced on 4 September 2017.

If you think a police officer has acted inappropriately, you can make a formal complaint against the officer to the Office for Public Integrity (OPI).

Police Complaints brochure cover

Tell us your story

If you know something or have seen something in the public sector which just isn't right, tell us your story.



Tell us your story poster

Education brochure

Everyone that works in public education is a public officer. If you work in a public pre-school, primary school, secondary school, TAFE or a South Australian university and you think that someone is not doing the right thing then you must report it.


Health Services brochure

Employees working in public health have an obligation to report corruption, misconduct and maladministration to the Office for Public Integrity. This includes medical staff, administrators, operations and maintenance staff and ancillary staff.

Front cover of health services brochure

Law Enforcement brochure

Whether you work in policing, corrections, the courts or other areas of law enforcement, you are expected to conduct yourself with integrity at all times. All law enforcement officers must be aware of their reporting obligations.

Cover of Law Enforcement brochure


Integrity is our minimum standard. Do you see some when you look in the mirror?

Integrity poster

Interpreting services

This brochure provides details on how to contact the Office for Public Integrity (OPI) for those who may need the help of an interpreter.

Interpreting services brochure front page




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