The Office for Public Integrity

Complaints and reports to the OPI

The Office for Public Integrity (OPI) is responsible to the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption and is the point of contact for any person wanting to make a complaint or report under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 (the ICAC Act).

Although the ICAC Act separates the OPI from ICAC in terms of their functions and powers, both offices share a leadership team, a website and have accountability and reporting requirements as a single entity.

The functions of the OPI include receiving and assessing complaints and reports about; corruptionmisconduct and maladministration in public administration. The ICAC Act does not provide the OPI any powers of investigation. However, in order to make full and proper assessments of complaints and reports, they routinely make enquiries.

Once the OPI has made an assessment of a complaint or report, it will refer the matter for investigation in circumstances approved by the Commissioner. In some circumstances the OPI will make a recommendation to the Commissioner on how the matter might be dealt with.

Although the Commissioner gives due consideration to all recommendations made to him by the OPI, he is not bound by those recommendations and may decide to proceed according to his own assessment of the matter.

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