Other places to lodge a complaint

In addition to the Office for Public Integrity (OPI), South Australia has an inquiry agency, the Ombudsman, who can take your complaint about South Australian public administration.

If your complaint does not concern public administration in South Australia, for example if it concerns a Commonwealth agency, a private business, or a member of the public, then you may wish to pursue the matter via an alternative avenue.

South Australia's Inquiry Agency


Ombudsman SA

For complaints about administrative acts by state and local government and statutory bodies

8226 8699

1800 182 150 (outside metro only)


Other Avenues of Complaint


Judicial Conduct Commissioner

For complaints about the professional conduct of judicial officers

8207 8311


SafeWork SA

For workplace health and safety issues

1300 365 255


Fair Work Ombudsman

For complaints about rights and responsibilities under Australian workplace laws

13 13 94


The Commonwealth Ombudsman

For complaints about Commonwealth Government departments


1300 362 072

text 0413 266 662


Australian Commissioner for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI)

For complaints about the Australian Crime Commissioner, Border Protection Service and the Australian Federal Police​

02 6141 2300



Consumer and Business Services (SA)

For complaints about privately owned businesses or companies not contracted by South Australian public authorities

131 882



Energy and Water Industry Ombudsman (SA)

For complaints about energy or water suppliers

1800 665 565


Financial Ombudsman Service

For complaints about financial service providers, including banks, superannuation funds and insurance companies

1300 780 808



Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (SA)

For complaints about health and community services

8226 8666


Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

For complaints about telephone and internet service providers 

1800 062 058


Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner (SA)

For complaints about the conduct of lawyers

8212 7924


Equal Opportunity Commission (SA)

For complaints about discrimination or harassment

8207 1977


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