Public statements

The Commissioner has discretion with regard to the release of operational information and the timing of any release.

As a general rule, the Commissioner will now make a public statement shortly after an arrest has been made or a person has been reported as a result of an ICAC investigation. That information will not generally include the name of any person arrested or reported, so as not to prejudice that person’s ability to make an application to the court in respect of the publication of his or her identity.

Media contact

All media enquiries should be directed to:

Tracy Riddiford — Manager Education & Communications
0428 389 493
GPO Box 11066, Adelaide SA 5001




22 May 2018: Public statement

Scope of SafeWork SA Evaluation (PDF 261KB)

10 May 2018: Public statement

Evaluation of SafeWork SA (PDF 55KB)

2 May 2018: Public statement

Commencement of Investigation (PDF 167KB)

28 February 2018: Public statement

Oakden Report published (PDF 208KB)

5 February 2018: Public statement

Oakden Investigation (PDF 314KB)



22 September 2017: Public statement

Prosecutions pending and Maladministration investigation (PDF 69KB)

11 September 2017: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 67KB)

14 August 2017: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 67KB)

20 July 2017: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 92KB)

Typographical correction: Both men were summonsed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court, not bailed. Prosecutions pending (PDF 94KB)

14 June 2017: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 67KB)

30 May 2017: Public statement

Oakden Investigation call for information (PDF 67KB)

29 May 2017: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 67KB)

25 May 2017: Public statement

Maladministration investigation in relation to Oakden (PDF 67KB)



30 November 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 66KB)

27 October 2016: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 56KB)

15 June 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 47KB)

Typographical correction: it is alleged that the offences occurred between 17 July 2015 and 17 May 2016.

22 March 2016: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 58KB)

16 March 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 76KB)

3 March 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 53KB)



14 October 2015: Public statement

Report — Sale of State owned land at Gillman (PDF 59KB)

06 August 2015: Public statement

Executive arrested after ICAC investigation (PDF 53KB)

22 June 2015: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 64KB)

11 May 2015: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 47KB)

04 May 2015: Public statement

Investigation outcome (PDF 65KB)

16 April 2015: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 106KB)

22 January 2015: Public statement

Investigation into the sale of government land at Gillman (PDF 97KB)


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