Public statements

Section 25 of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 (ICAC Act) provides that the Commissioner may make a public statement in connection with a particular matter if, in the Commissioner's opinion, it is appropriate to do so in the public interest.

Media contact

All media enquiries should be directed to:

Tracy Riddiford — Manager Education & Communications
0428 389 493
GPO Box 11066, Adelaide SA 5001




11 September 2017: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 67KB)

14 August 2017: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 67KB)

20 July 2017: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 92KB)

Typographical correction: Both men were summonsed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court, not bailed. Prosecutions pending (PDF 94KB)

14 June 2017: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 67KB)

30 May 2017: Public statement

Oakden Investigation call for information (PDF 67KB)

29 May 2017: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 67KB)

25 May 2017: Public statement

Maladministration investigation in relation to Oakden (PDF 67KB)



30 November 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 66KB)

27 October 2016: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 56KB)

15 June 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 47KB)

Typographical correction: it is alleged that the offences occurred between 17 July 2015 and 17 May 2016.

22 March 2016: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 58KB)

16 March 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 76KB)

3 March 2016: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 53KB)



14 October 2015: Public statement

Report — Sale of State owned land at Gillman (PDF 59KB)

06 August 2015: Public statement

Executive arrested after ICAC investigation (PDF 53KB)

22 June 2015: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 64KB)

11 May 2015: Public statement

Prosecution pending (PDF 47KB)

04 May 2015: Public statement

Investigation outcome (PDF 65KB)

16 April 2015: Public statement

Prosecutions pending (PDF 106KB)

22 January 2015: Public statement

Investigation into the sale of government land at Gillman (PDF 97KB)


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