What is corruption?

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 (the ICAC Act) did not create any new offence of corruption. Corruption is a generic term, which the ICAC Act uses to describe a suite of offences, which are criminal in nature. A full definition of corruption can be found in section 5 of the ICAC Act.

Corruption in public administration as defined in the ICAC Act includes:

  • bribery or corruption of public officers
  • threats or reprisals against public officers and
  • certain offences committed by public officers including:

This very broad definition of corruption captures offences against the Road Traffic Act 1961. The Commissioner is of the view that the ICAC Act did not intend for him to commit public resources to investigating offences of this type, therefore he has excluded road traffic offences from the reporting obligations of public officers outlined in the Directions and Guidelines. There is no need to report these offences as they will not be investigated.


What is corruption? — video

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