What happens to complaints or reports?

Complaints and reports are received and assessed by the Office for Public Integrity (OPI). Once the OPI has assessed the complaint or report a recommendation is made to the Commissioner as to how the matter might be dealt with.

The Commissioner is not bound by the assessment of the OPI and may assess a matter himself and deal with it in accordance with his own assessment.

If the Commissioner believes the complaint or report does raise a potential issue of corruption he may:

  • conduct an investigation
  • refer the matter to the South Australian Police, the Police Ombudsman, or other law enforcement agency for investigation.

If a matter is assessed as raising a potential issue of misconduct or maladministration in public administration, the Commissioner may either:

  • refer the matter to an inquiry agency or a public authority for further action, and if considered appropriate, give directions and guidance on how the matter should be handled or
  • exercise the powers of the inquiry agency and deal with the matter himself.

If the Commissioner determines that a complaint or report is trivial, vexatious or frivolous, or it has previously been dealt with by an inquiry agency or public authority and there is no good reason to re-examine it, he may decide to take no further action.


What happens to complaints and reports? — video

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