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Evaluation of SafeWork SA

Published on 10 Aug 2018

On 10 May 2018, the Commissioner announced he would conduct an evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA. The Commissioner has the discretion to conduct such evaluations in public and has decided the evaluation of SafeWork SA will be conducted in public.

On 31 August 2018 the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption held a public hearing to receive closing submissions from Holly Stanley, Counsel Assisting the Commissioner in his evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA.

Ms Stanley proposed a number of recommendations aimed at preventing or minimising corruption, misconduct or maladministration within SafeWork SA.

A transcript of the public hearing is available. An updated version of the transcript that reflects the entirety of the public hearing was uploaded at 1:00pm on Monday, 3 September 2018.

The Commissioner has extended an invitation to SafeWork SA staff, members of the public or other individuals or bodies with an interest in the evaluation to make a written submission to him addressing the recommendations proposed by Counsel Assisting. 

The Commissioner would also be assisted by written submissions which suggest recommendations other than those proposed by Counsel Assisting. The focus of any such recommendations should be on preventing or minimising the risk of corruption, misconduct or maladministration and should relate to the scope of the evaluation.

Written submissions will be received until 5:00pm, Friday 21 September 2018 and can be sent via email evaluation@icac.sa.gov.au or by post, GPO Box 11066, Adelaide SA 5001. 

Scope of the evaluation

The evaluation will review and report on:

  • legislative and regulatory functions and responsibilities discharged by public officers within the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA
  • the discretionary power given to inspectors and investigators employed within SafeWork SA and the practices, policies and procedures that are in place to safeguard against abuse of those discretionary powers
  • practices, policies and procedures in respect of the availability and use of resources by public officers employed within the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA and whether those practices, policies and procedures provide a sufficient safeguard to minimise the misuse of those resources
  • practices, policies and procedures in respect of the deployment of human resources within the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA and whether those practices, policies and procedures provide adequate measures to manage those human resources so as to ensure the proper and efficient discharge of core functions

As the evaluation progresses the Commissioner may amend its scope.

Public hearing schedule & transcripts

The Commissioner conducted public hearings at the Riverside Centre, North Terrace in relation to his evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA. 

Hearing schedule & transcripts
1   Opening Submission 2:00pm Friday, 1 June 2018 (view transcript)
2   Mr Martyn Campbell, Executive Director, SafeWork SA 10:00am Monday, 2 July 2018 (view transcript)
3   Mr Rodney John Murray 10:00am Wednesday, 4 July 2018 (view transcript)
4   Chief Officer Greg Crossman, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service 10:30am Thursday, 5 July 2018 (view transcript)
5   Mr Nev Kitchin, General Secretary, Public Service Association of SA 1:30pm Wednesday, 11 July 2018 (view transcript)
6   Mr Joe Szakacs, State Secretary, SA Unions 1:00pm Thursday, 12 July 2018 (view transcript)
 Ms Holly Stanley, Counsel Assisting the Commissioner 2:00pm Friday, 31 August 2018 (view transcript)


The Commissioner has received submissions in relation to the SafeWork SA evaluation. Not all submissions have been published.

Material might not be published where:

  • it is not considered relevant to the scope of the evaluation 
  • the material contains information concerning particular incidents or events that are not the focus of the evaluation
  • the material contains information that is defamatory or offensive to an individual or individuals
  • the material contains information, the disclosure of which might compromise the operations of SafeWork SA
  • the information relates to issues of national security which would be inappropriate to disclose
  • the person or persons making the submission objected to the submission being published

Some material has been redacted to remove references to individuals, particular events or comments or opinions that might be considered defamatory or critical without foundation.

The Commissioner will consider all of the material he has received, including material that has been redacted or has not been published.

Submissions received
Final Submission - Martyn Campbell, SafeWork SA
Submission - AALARA
Submission - Anonymous
Submission - Local Government Association
Submission - Pam Gurner-Hall, AWU and CFMEU
Submission - Public Service Association (1)

Submission - Public Service Association (2)

Submission - Ray Clifford
Submission - Rodney John Murray
Submission - SA Metropolitan Fire Service
Submission - SA Police
Submission - SA Unions
Submission - Showmens Guild of South Australia
Submission - South Australian Wine Industry Association Incorporated
Submission - Voice of Industrial Death


Stakeholder letters received
Stakeholder letter - Primary Industries and Regions SA
Stakeholder letter - Return to Work SA
Stakeholder letter - Safe Work Australia


The Commissioner’s evaluation will consider a range of documents and information that are relevant to the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA.  Not all of those documents have been published for the same reasons that not all submissions have been published.

AGD policies, procedures and guidelines
1    AGD - Policy - Learning & Development
2    AGD - Procedure - Learning and development
3    AGD - Policy - 2018 Update Fraud and Corruption
4    AGD - Procedure - 2018 Update Fraud and Corruption
  AGD - Guideline and Procedure - Induction
6    AGD - Guideline - Recruitment - from the Commissioner for the Public Sector
7    AGD - Guideline - Criminal history check
8    AGD - Policy - Performance Development - Jan 2011
9    AGD - Policy - Financial Authorisations
10  AGD - Policy - Information Management (8 August 2016)
11  AGD - Fact sheet - Disposal Schedules
12  AGD - Policy - Mobile Service Access
13  AGD - Policy - Gifts  Benefits
14  AGD - Policy - Mobile Device


Job & person specifications
1    J&P - ASO2 Senior Administration Officer  - Community, Retail and Business Services Industry Team
2    J&P - ASO5 Senior WHS Inspector
3    J&P - ASO6 Team Leader 2016
4    J&P - Manager, Chemical Hazards and Explosive Materials
5    J&P - ASO6 Site Manager final
6    J&P - Operational Support Officer
7    J&P - PO5 Chief Officer_Feb 2018
8    J&P - Principal Officer (Hazard Leader)
9    J&P - Principal Officer (Operational Leader)
10  J&P - Principal Scientific Inspector
11  J&P - Scientific Inspector
12  J&P - Graduate, Chemical Hazards and Explosive Materials
13  J&P - Trainee, Chemical Hazards and Explosive Materials
14  J&P - MAS3 - Manager, Community, Events and Business Services
15  J&P - ASO3 Proactive Compliance Coordinator
16  J&P - ASO5 Senior Industrial Relations Inspector Oct 2010
17  J&P - MAS3 Manager Construction
18  J&P - ASO7 Chief Advisor Construction
19  J&P - AS06 Principal Inspector Authorisations Construction (3)
20  J&P - MAS3 Manager Corporate Services Final
21  J&P - Executive Director_SWSA_FINAL
22  J&P - Director Compliance and Enforcement SWSA FINAL_April 2018
23  J&P - Director Workplace Education_final_ August 2017
24  J&P - Director Investigations
25  J&P - Manager investigations
26  J&P - AS04 Investigation Support Officer
27  J&P - ASO5 Investigation Liaison Officer, Investigations
28  J&P - Principal Investigator
29  J&P - ASO7 Investigations Advisors_Final_March 2018
30  J&P - MAS3 Manager, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Transport and Utilities
31  J&P - Manager, Operational and Legal Support Team
32  J&P - Administrative Officer, Operational and Legal Support Team
33  J&P - Chief Advisor - Inspectorate (OLST)
34  J&P - Chief Advisor - Investigations (OLST)
35  J&P - Executive Officer (OLST)
36  J&P - Trainer (OLST)
37  J&P - ASO6 Principal WHS Inspector (Lifts)
38  J&P - PO3 Principal Mechanical Engineer Final
39  J&P - PO3 Principal Chemical Engineer (AGD format)
40  J&P - PO3 Principal Mining Engineer ver 1.0 (AGD format)
41  J&P - PO4 Chief Advisor Engineering
42  J&P - MAS3 - Manager Primary Industries Resources and Engineering
43  J&P - PO2 Senior Chemical Engineer - AGD template_V2.1_2014

44  J&P - Senior Admin ASO3 Primary Industries, Resources, Country Compliance and Engineering Team

SafeWork SA (other)


1   SafeWork SA - Policy - Learning & Development
2   SafeWork SA - Policy - Prosecutions Publishing
3   SafeWork SA - Policy - National Compliance and Enforcement
4   SafeWork SA - Policy - Confidentiality of information and documents obtained by Inspectors in the course of their work
5   SafeWork SA - Policy - Inspector attendance at workplaces when notified of a proposed entry by a WHS Entry Permit holder
 SafeWork SA - Policy - Remote and Isolated Policy and Procedures


7   Principles of Operation for the WHS Inspector

8   SafeWork SA Principles of Operation for Authorised Officers Dangerous Substances

9   SafeWork SA Strategic Road Map

10  SafeWork SA - Policy and Governance - Compliments Complaints Process

11  SafeWork SA Equipment and Records Management Entry and Exit Process Checklist

12  SafeWork SA Petty Cash

13  SafeWork SA Human Resources - Bonafide and Leave reports

14  SafeWork SA Conflict of Interest Governance Framework

15  SafeWork SA Compliance and Investigation Manual

16  SafeWork SA How the inspection report works

17  SafeWork SA JOGET On Call Inspector Guide

18  SafeWork SA JOGET Call Logging, Triage, Assessment Guide

19  SafeWork SA Team Norms and Operational Processes - Manufacturing, Wholesale Transport & Utilities Team

20  SafeWork SA File triage and allocation process - Manufacturing, Wholesale Transport & Utilities Team

21  SafeWork SA Team Leader prompt list for file content when reviewing files – electronic

22  SafeWork SA Agreed Procedures for WHS Consultation

23  SafeWork SA - SWP - Critical and Traumatic Incident Management

24  SafeWork SA - Business Plan - Community, Events and Business Services - version 2017 – 2018

25  SafeWork SA - Business Plan -  Compliance and Enforcement (the Regulator)  Dangerous Substances Team

26  SafeWork SA - Strategic Plan - Construction 2017-2020

27  SafeWork SA - Business Plan -  Manufacturing Wholesale Retail  Transport Utilities 2017-2018

28  SafeWork SA - Business Plan - Compliance and Enforcement (the Regulator)  Primary Industries, Resources, Country Compliance and Engineering Final 16_17

29  SafeWork SA Business Plan 2016-2017 - 6&12 month progress

30  Study Assistance Review Panel TOR

31  Training Checklist

32  Safework SA Construction Team Norms Final v1

33  SafeWork SA - Governance Framework - Conflict of Interest

34  SafeWork SA Reporting of absences

35  SafeWork SA Prompt list for required minimum information that is expected to be included on/in common file types

36  SafeWork SA Strategic Plan

37  AGD SafeWork SA Performance Indicators April 2018

SafeWork SA (MOP's, OG's and SOP's)

Model Operating Procedures

1    SafeWork SA - MOP - Policy - Follow up Monitoring of an Intervention

2    SafeWork SA - MOP - Powers of Entry

3    SafeWork SA - MOP - Powers of Seizure

4    SafeWork SA - MOP Power to Require Production of Documents & Answer Questions s171

5    SafeWork SA - MOP - Powers to Obtain Information s155

6    SafeWork SA - MOP - Issue of Notices and General Requirements

7    SafeWork SA - MOP - Improvement Notices

8    SafeWork SA - MOP - Prohibition Notices

9    SafeWork SA - MOP - Non-disturbance Notice

10   SafeWork SA - MOP - Dealing with Requests for Assistance to Resolve Right of Entry Disputes and Other Matters Relative to Entry Permit Holders

11   SafeWork SA - MOP - Request for Review of a PIN

12   SafeWork SA - MOP - Dealing with Alleged Non-complied PIN

13   SafeWork SA - MOP - Issue Resolution

14   SafeWork SA - MOP - Dealing with Requests for Assistance Relating to Determination of Workgroups

15   SafeWork SA - MOP - Dealing with Requests for Assistance Relating to HSR Training

16   SafeWork SA - MOP - Dealing with Requests for Assistance Relating to the Constitution of Health and Safety Committees

17   SafeWork SA - MOP - Dealing with Requests for Assistance Relating to the Refusal of Access to a Person Assisting the HSR

18   SafeWork SA - MOP - HSR Cessation of Work

19   SafeWork SA - MOP - Forfeiture Return Access to Seized Things

20   SafeWork SA - MOP - Inspection Report

21   SafeWork SA - MOP - Letter of Warning

22   SafeWork SA - MOP - Authorisation for an Inspector to Commence Legal Proceedings for Offences Against the Work Health & Safety Act 2012 (SA)

23   SafeWork SA - MOP - WHS Inspector Appointment and Related Matters

24   SafeWork SA - MOP - Notice of an Inspectors Interests

25   SafeWork SA - MOP - Damage & Compensation

26   SafeWork SA - MOP - Remedial Action

Operational Guidelines

27  SafeWork SA - Operational Guideline - Long service leave and IR Claims process

28  SafeWork SA - Guideline - For Managing Files Nominated for Administrative action at Assessment Panel and or closure

29  SafeWork SA General Guidelines for Prosecution

30  SafeWork SA - OG - High Risk Work Licences Notices

31  SafeWork SA - OG - (Draft) Drug and Alcohol Testing

32  SafeWork SA - OG - (Draft) Improvement notices

33  SafeWork SA - OG - (Draft) Claims of Legal Professional Privilege

34  SafeWork SA - OG - Initial Response Guideline

35  SafeWork SA -OG - (Draft) Audio Recording

36  SafeWork SA Guideline - for Manufacturing, Wholesale Transport & Utilities Team reactive/proactive

37  SafeWork SA - OG - Triaging and Assessment Panel V4 25 July 2016

Standard Operating Procedures

38  SafeWork SA SOP - Training Delivery

39  SafeWork SA - Policy and Procedure - Refund of Regulatory Fees

40  SOP - Draft - Handling Cash and Receipting of Fees

41  SafeWork SA - SOP – Expiation

42  SafeWork SA - SOP - (Draft) Search Warrant

43  SafeWork SA - SOP - After Hours Notification and On Call

44  SafeWork SA - SOP - Digital Evidence Management

45  SafeWork SA - SOP - Evidence Management

46  SafeWork SA - SOP - Expert witness

47  SafeWork SA - SOP - Internal Review

48  SafeWork SA - SOP – Investigations

49  SafeWork SA - SOP - Preparation and Review of SOP, MOP and SWP current

50  SafeWork SA - SOP - Incident alert

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