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ICAC appointed Judicial Conduct Commissioner

Published on 11 Aug 2016

In January 2015 the Attorney-General announced the government’s intention to introduce a Judicial Conduct Commissioner that would provide an independent avenue for the making of complaints about the conduct of Judges and Magistrates. 

The Judicial Conduct Commissioner Bill was introduced into Parliament by the Attorney on 18 May 2015. It subsequently received the support of both Houses. 

Today the government has announced that South Australian Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Hon. Bruce Lander QC, has also been appointed the Judicial Conduct Commissioner. 

“I am very pleased to have been appointed to this position. I believe it is important that the community have an independent avenue for making complaints about the conduct of members of the Judiciary” said Commissioner Lander. 

“This is not about examining the decisions of Judges and Magistrates, this is about the professional conduct of serving Judges and Magistrates. Members of the Judiciary, like other public office holders, are expected to conduct themselves professionally. For the most part I am sure that they do. However, in circumstances where they do not meet acceptable professional standards, there should be an independent person who can address that conduct. 

“Of course, if I believe the conduct complained of is of the type that is captured by the ICAC Act, then I will ask the Office for Public Integrity to assess it and then I will deal with it according to the provisions of that Act.” 

“I do not expect to be overly burdened by the additional responsibility of this role” said the Commissioner. 

The Judicial Conduct Commissioner appointment is for the period that Mr Lander remains as the ICAC. It is expected that the office will commence later this year.